BTS Fashion Rocks AMAs, Fans Fall For Suga’s Orange Hair Back, RM’s Glasses


BTS had a big night at the 2021 American Music Awards aka AMA as they won all three categories they were nominated for. They also made history as the first Asian act to be nominated and win the Grand Prize category – ‘Artist of the Year’ award. On top of that, fans knew they would make AMAs theirs. evening when it was announced that they would have back-to-back performances. They were set to play “My Universe” with Coldplay and the “Butter” remix with Megan Thee Stallion. On top of that, their fashion game made ARMY pale on them .

While we couldn’t get the performance of “ButterTheeRemix” because Megan Thee Stallion was unable to attend the 2021 AMAs, it didn’t cool fans’ spirits. BTS won in three categories: “Favorite Pop Duo Or Group”, “Favorite Pop Song” and “Artist Of The Year”. We then had them perform ‘My Universe’ with Coldplay for the very first time. Fans loved the performance as Jungkook twerkait, BTS sang for fans and enjoyed the stage with Coldplay. ARMY also couldn’t forget the global K-pop group’s new look with Suga’s back orange hair, Jimin and RM’s locks in glasses, and stage outfit.

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Jin prevents Jungkook from spoiling

ARMY also loved the cute interaction between the oldest member of the group, Jin, and the youngest member, Jungkook. During their acceptance speech, Jungkook tried to give a spoiler for what BTS would like to focus on next. Jin immediately hugged him and cut off his speech. Fans found it endearing as they laughed at the back of the stage. The boys also all looked quite dapper as they wore stylish suits from Louis Vuitton’s S / S 2022 collection for which they are brand ambassadors. Fans are also ready for BTS’s 4-day LA concert at SoFi Stadium.

BTS at AMAs 2021 (Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images)

BTS get ready for their concert in LA

BTS and ARMY at the AMAs both missed their shows and loved their performance at the awards show. BTS even mentioned that they had missed performing with their fans and were eagerly awaiting their concert. They are slated to have a 4-day concert for the “Permission To Dance On Stage” tour at SoFi Stadium in LA starting November 27. And fans had a lot to say as they took to Twitter to celebrate BTS’s big night.

‘I know it’s true’

ARMY congratulated BTS as they posted tweets like: “BTS IS OFFICIALLY THE FIRST ASIAN ACT TO WIN THE ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD IN AMAS I KNOW IT IS GOOD” and “So much i cried to see them win these three wonderful prizes, they deserve it all, I love you so much !! The fans also couldn’t forget their outfits, especially Suga’s, “THE HAIR, THE CUT, THE HOW IT WALKS, YOONGI TAKES OVER THE MODEL CAREER JUST THERE. “Another ARMY loved RM’s look,” HAIR ??? GLASSES??? THE FIT ???? MI? /?) / &: &: &: $ :. ” One of them added: “THEY LOOK SO HAPPY WITH THE ARMY THIS IS WHAT WE WAITED FOR 2 YEARS.”

One fan shared: “THEIR COSTUMES?! ?? THE HAIR?!?!? Oh my God?!?!?” ARMY also loved the interaction of J-hope and Becky G as they had collaborated in the past and are friends, “HOBI AND BECKY G ….. Their friendship !!!!” A Jin fan pointed out, “OMG cameraman knows who is good looking all over the world.” Another fan shared, “Very obsessed with Jimin highlights.” ARMY also loved the way Jin kept Jungkook from giving a spoiler, “Taehyung is desperate to speak, jungkook trying to focus and seokjin takes him away.” An ARMY posted: “THE WAY OF KIM TAEHYUNG WALKS IT IS SO GOOD.” They also found Jungkook to twerk hilariously, “Why is jungkook twerking next to Chris Martin.”

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