‘Akyesaa’ at the Samini Xperience concert


It is not for nothing that after 20 years of music, the Reggae / Dancehall artist Samini still benefits from massive sponsorship for his events.

Its grand staging has been an asset over the years, and guests of the Grand Arena at the Accra International Conference Center couldn’t have asked for a better time to experience Samini than on Friday, December 24.

This was the first edition of the Samini experience, a concert intended to celebrate Samini and his projects and he delivered the right dose of energetic performances to the already busy patrons.

With the event officially kicking off at 11pm, patrons who had enjoyed the good sounds of the DJ’s turntables were immersed in the highest level of excitement when Samini took to the stage.

Dressed in a white agbada, the man who celebrated his 40th birthday the day before Thursday, December 23, certainly exceeded expectations overnight.

With the live band and backing singers being very supportive, Samini has guided clients throughout his musical journey with his performances.

Taking the patrons back to 2004 and his Batman debut, the crowd couldn’t help but sing and dance to some great songs including Di Wu Lane Mu (Gyae Shi).

Despite being widely regarded as a Dancehall artist, the head of the High Grade family has proven his versatility and he has served clients with a cocktail of musical genres from Highlife, Reggae and even Ragga.

with Reggae tunes such as Cool reggae, rainbow, new style and So blessed the feeling “Irie” echoed in the auditorium.

Highlife lovers had their part in Samini experience and songs such as Obra were on the menu.

And oh my boy! Samini was right on point with the performances of his love-themed songs. From Mine, Obaa and Always, customers had no choice but to soak up the amorous atmosphere.

It was more than an experience to see Samini, 40, on stage for three consecutive hours, an experience that many young artists can barely survive.

There is no doubt that the first edition of Samini’s Experience was held with distinction. From performances by Lynx Entertainment signers Kuami Eugene and KiDi, Kelvyn Boy, Ofori Amponsah and Kwaisey Pee, there has never been a dull moment.
Comedians Foster Romanus and Adina were also present with their performance in honor of Samini.

Indeed, it was a good time and an obviously excited Samini had no choice but to thank the customers for their overwhelming support.

In his words, “There have been people who have supported me from 2001 as Batman, up to Batman Samini, Samini and we are also here today. I don’t want to name names because the list is endless but I am very grateful to have come in your numbers to celebrate my 20 year musical journey. God bless you all ”.


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