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Saving seems to be a complicated task since with family lunches and dinners or the purchase of gifts, the economy Domestic is strongly affected, so experts say that December is one of the months in which less saving occurs, moreover , it is when more mini-credits are requested by the excessive shooting of consumption so typical of these special dates.

In this sense, in Good Finance we have one of the most effective tools of today in which it refers to the comparison of the best conditions of this type of financial products so that any user can know in just a few seconds what the loans are fast that best suits each one based on the amount requested, the interest rate and the repayment term.

According to experts


In economics and finance , only 34% of Spaniards manage to save each month. What is the key to get it? Set goals and reduce avoid unnecessary expenses since this season is very succulent to spend due to advertising impacts and the strong Christmas Campaign.

Deposit a certain amount of money into a savings account

Deposit a certain amount of money into a savings account

Some of the most practical advice is, for example, to look for offers, buy Christmas purchases at very specific times like Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, or force yourself to deposit a certain amount of money into a savings account.

Within all the profiles of savers that exist, how many types exist? Which one are you in? We are sure that with the following description of each one, you feel identified with any of them.

  1. We begin by making a description mentioning in the first place the “Planner Saver” that is none other than the one that each month saves money based on a previously established plan in which it seeks to reach an economic goal.
  2. Next we have a very similar profile: the “Saving planner”, it is the one that saves for any unforeseen by small amounts but without any fixed goal unlike the previous one.
  3. The “Saver 31” is one that on the 31st of each month takes stock of your financial situation and if there is any left over, save it as savings . Now, it has no plan or goal.
  4. Another of the profiles we have is the “Saver Promise”, the one that usually says phrases such as: I can not save, I have nothing left over, we must live the present, I will save later … that is, it promises to save but a future period of time and that usually is not usually met.
  5. The “Extreme Saver” is one of the most scarce profiles of today’s society since it is based on buying practically the strictly necessary to survive and therefore, is deprived of the purchase of many things in its eagerness to accumulate money. It is popularly called stingy. However, we can classify the profile of “Stingy” in those people who touch the addiction to save money in which even essential items see it as a luxury that can be dispensed with. Logically, the results at the economic level are usually quite good but in most cases it can become a problem in their quality of life since they have the money needed to live better but do not want to spend it.
  6. The so-called “Austeros” quite follow the line of the previous one although they themselves are not considered stingy but that the saving action comforts them positively and they usually declare themselves anti-consumerist, especially on very specific dates such as Christmas.
  7. There are also those others who are addicted to certain savings offers such as 2×1 in which they consume a lot because they believe that the more they buy the more they save so it is a way of buying addictive in large quantities. The main problem with this way of “saving” is that the products purchased are perishable and expire before they are consumed.
  8. Very similar to these, there are the “Coupons” those who have the desire to buy because it is on offer justifying their purchase always because they save money by being cheaper. This is not always the case because this tendency tends to lead to the purchase of unnecessary products, so a lot of unnecessary items are usually accumulated.
  9. We end with the profile of the “Bad Saver” that is undoubtedly one that has a tendency to spend and spend money. Go to financial institutions or family and friends when you need more or even sell belongings to get liquidity at any given time.

Recommendations of financial experts


As we can see, there are many different profiles that exist when it comes to saving, the most important of all is not obsessing too much or spending too much. However, even following the recommendations of financial experts, it is common that at certain times any person or family is faced with a complicated economic situation for which we advise to resort to the request of the so-called fast loans in which in just 48 hours from their request you get the desired amount for any unforeseen expenses.

Therefore, do not stay this year without doing your Christmas shopping and ask for and the minicredit that best suits your financial needs with the best conditions adapted to your profile saver portal Good Finance

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